YOUR Big Day..

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days of your life.

Soph tutorial

So getting your hair and make up right ensures you will feel at your best on your special day. Looking like your self but more polished is how you should feel when you look in the mirror.

Some people choose to have a Professional Make up artist come on the day, to do their make up and sometimes the rest of the bridal party too. It’s a lovely chilled out atmosphere having professionals come in on the wedding morning and pamper you.

However there is the option of doing it yourself. If you are quiet confident with your application¬†and you like it a specific way. It’s nice to maybe have a make up lesson before hand from a professional so they can give you hints and tips on making your make up camera friendly/ stay on / colour choices etc.

In the summer I had the pleasure of teaching a bride to do her own make up for her special day as I was already booked on her wedding day.

It worked really well, I helped her with application tips, and also was able to go through her make up bag and then advise her on other products she may want to invest in for the day.

We picked colours she liked wearing and adapted it to a more bridal look.