My make up brushes are an essential part of my kit.

So deciding to wash them all one afternoon not giving them enough time to dry was a big mistake, when I came to do my make up the next day, having no brushes got me thinking. How do people cope.

As I was doing my make up I had to think what products I needed to use, as I couldn’t put my powder blush on with no brush.

How was I suppose to blend my eyeshadow? And still make my make up look professional and fresh.

Theese are the products I used, I went back to basics using my hands as my tools instead of my brushes. Under eye brightening products with applicators already attached are amazing, (especially for people who do their make up on the go). Products like BB creams are light and easy to rub in with your hands.

I used my foundation stick on specific areas to give extra coverage, you can draw that straight on to the skin and blend with your fingers. I switched my powder blush for a cream blush as they can be tapped onto the cheek giving a good natural flush of colour and dewy finish.

I used a cream highlighter above my cheek bone and in my brown to help lift and lightenI had to then use an eyebrow pencil (instead of my normal brow powder) and a clear brow gel to soften the line..

I used cream shadow sticks for my eye make up as they are light and easy to apply, to help create extra definition I used an eye pencil which was quiet soft to get a nice neat line (avoid kohl pencils as they drag).

Then finished off with mascara, lip balm and lipstick.