New Blogger

As i now have more time on my hands i decided to start writing this blog. I have currently just finished working for an amazing cosmetic brand, and i do have the pleasure of staying with the company, but i have taken a step back to focus more on my own freelance work, Weddings, photo shoots, special occasion make up and blogging etc.

Most oMy Make upf my posts will be random but all make up related. I want to share my inspirations, tips, favourite products and techniques. Alot of my ideas come to me when im doing my own make up and i take a minute and pay attention to why i like a product and how it benefits me. 

My clients (brides, photographers, designers etc.) are also a massive inspiration and i will be updating my blog with different work i do linked with them and any obstacles i come across.

My next posts will be about contouring, morning make up when you have no brushes, essential festival products and loads more.